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Ad Targeting

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Ad Targeting

Ad targeting effectively delivers advertising to specific audiences. Behavioral segmentation.

Targeted advertising is a type of advertising where advertisements are placed so as to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, behavioral  variables, audience, ip, geo-location ( geo-targeting ).

This is done through a Comprehensive set of tools capable of connecting you with precisely the consumers you're after, making it more efficient and highly effective.

Advertisers want to reach as many consumers as they effectively can. This boosts the effectiveness of display advertising campaigns and mobile ad campaigns.

Accuracy reaches consumers through demographics, geographical, behavioral traits. By applying desired criteria you can control ad delivery to desirable visitor segment. By doing so you increase the audience experience.

This is a process of serving ads based on the measured interested on the person exposed to the advertisement. Interested in determined by a variety of tracked behavior. The goal is to serve internet ads that fits relevant needs of the viewer and that does not waste the budget of the advertiser.

Data plays a large role in making advertising effective. Real time bidding enables marketers to reach specific audience segments. This can be done with display advertising as well as mobile advertising. RTB is an online auction system that auctions one impression at a time.

Ideally, everyone wins when these methods work. Web visitors see desired ads regarding products or services they are interested in. Advertisers do not waste money paying for advertisements people are not interested in. Publishers provide better web site experience for their users.

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Geo-Targeting services allow you to deliver ads by ip location to specific audiences.

Advertising through ad serving is efficient though IP-Targeting and geographical-targeting

Serving focused advertisements sometimes requires using a Content Delivery Network - CDN to improve ad targeting performance.

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Ad Targeting


Ad Targeting

A method to effectively serve focused ads to specific audiences

ad targeting
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